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Day 1

Advancing Personalised Care Congress 2022 Americas

San Francisco, USA

5th - 6th December 2022

  • Auditorium 1


  • How can patient centricity play a vital role to personalised medicine
  • Understanding the paradigm for patient partnership
  • Establishing trust at every patient touch-point to achieve sustained behavior change through
    informed decision-making.
  • Building a more effective patient partnership models throughout the customer’s lifecycle
  • How personalised medicines can revolutionise the traditional healthcare and treatment approach?
  • To exploit the benefits of personalised medicines, what challenges must be addressed
  • Implemention of the precision medicine approach to design highly targeted therapeutic drugs
  • At this stage, is awareness and education amongst all the stakeholders and regulatory support from
    governing bodies as well as policymakers enough to progress?
  • Barriers to accessing personalised medicine
  • Strategies to ensure that patients have equitable access to medicines and health care
  • Health technology assessment securing patient access to personalised medicine
  • Innovative payer models
  • How to prepare for and adopt rapid shifts in regulations related to personalized health care
  • How to streamline regulatory processes to reduce unnecessary burdens associated with regulatory
  • Advantages of taking a data-centric approach
  • Unlocking health data to empower patients
  • Demonstrating how health data is used for better outcomes
  • How data framework safeguards privacy and security
  • Building on current achievement and move towards patient-centric e-health services
  • How can we all work collaboratively to reexamine clinical trials and increase trust, awareness and
  • The importance of embeding “patient centricity” into all aspects of a clinical trial
  • Breaking down barriers to clinical trial recruitment and retention


  • AI/ML in healthcare for personalized medicine
  • Pros and cons of AI/ML and Real World Data
  • From AI/ML on historical data to the real time analytics
  • Advancements in wearable and digital therapies
  • Universal adoption and accessibility of wearable and digital technology
  • What are the major drawbacks and areas for improvement?
  • Addressing issue in privacy protection: data generated or stored by commercial wearables.
  • Current challenges in next generation sequencing
  • What are the key benefits of Comprehensive genetic profiling?
  • Integrating comprehensive genomic profiling into real-world setting
  • Design and clinical impact of innovative comprehensive genomic profiling clinical trials
  • The pivotal role of epigenetic mechanisms in health and diseases
  • State-of-the-art epigenetic IVD tests and epigenetic drugs which are presently being established in clinical trials.
  • How epigenetic technology will support the incorporation of precision medicine in clinical settings?
  • Defining decentralized clinical trials and understanding their nuances
  • Engaging with various stakeholders early in the process
  • The importance of physicians involvement in performing the much-needed test and checks that technology alone cannot handle
  • Upcoming therapies, technologies and treatments that will enhance all aspects of patient care
  • Analytics that reduced cost to patients
  • New technology demands unified security models
  • Real-time digital integration, hospital-wide AIs, and smart medical facilities
  • Decentralized clinical trial strategies to fully integrate every aspect of the available new tech. 
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